Denford Morning Service
  • Holy Trinity Church, Church Lane, Denford, Kettering, NN14 4ED

  • Holy Trinity, Denford

Denford Morning Service

Join us as we gather to worship the Lord and learn from God’s word in the Bible.

At present we have the right to cast off all pandemic restrictions, remove our face masks, sing boldly inside and return to a shared communion cup. But given the prevalence of the virus in our community and the concerns that many members of the church family have, we do not think it is loving or good to exercise all our rights. Therefore we are currently taking the following approach, though this may change as the Autumn of 2021 progresses:

Masks: This is a matter of individual choice, but we ask that, out of respect for those who have reason to remain concerned, you continue to wear masks during services.

Social distancing: This is a matter of individual judgement, but we ask that you respect the views of others and if necessary have a conversation before sitting close to someone.