Looking for Answers

Looking for Answers

Looking for answers about Christianity…

To put it simply, Christianity is all about Jesus. He was a real person and we believe that by his life, death and resurrection he demonstrated that he is God and offers to be our Saviour and Lord. To those who follow him, he gives the knowledge of God, restored relationship with our Heavenly Father, the Holy Spirit within us, a church family around us and a heavenly home that he is leading us to.

Here are a couple of videos that summarise the core message of Christianity, the good news of Jesus.

Whether you regard yourself as a Christian yet or not, we are always pleased to welcome people who want to understand more.

Do an online course

321 is a course that is designed to help you think about God, the world and yourself through immersive videos and thoughtful illustrations. It’s for anyone who has questions about life, meaning and purpose. Watch the video below to get a taster or click the button to visit the course website. There you can sign up and do the course for free

Do an in person course

We offer a variety of short courses exploring the life and message of Jesus. One of them is called Christianity Explored. It’s a course which has been designed especially for those who are interested, puzzled or questioning. If that’s you, why not contact us and find out more?