St Nicholas, Islip
  • St Nicholas Church, School Lane, Islip, Kettering, NN14 3LQ

St Nicholas, Islip

Welcome to St Nicholas, Islip

St Nicholas, Islip are a loyal and devoted congregation who prefer a more traditional style of worship, reflecting the church’s Anglo-Catholic heritage. The congregation gather for weekly Sunday services starting at 11:00am and concluding with refreshments. First and third Sundays have communion services led by the Rector, with second and fourth Sundays being morning prayer services which are generally taken by Readers.

Visitor information

The church is left open most days during daylight hours for visitors and private prayer. Parking is available on surrounding public roads and there are no special parking restrictions. Access into the churchyard is either via steps or a steep gravel ramp. Access into the church building is stepped but there is a portable ramp for wheelchairs. There are no toilet facilities at the church.