Fruitfulness on the Frontline

Fruitfulness on the Frontline

What if the people God wants us to love and serve, are the people we meet day-to-day?

This autumn, in home groups and on Sunday evenings, we are going to explore the rich ways God can work in and through our daily lives.

Whether you are a full-time mum or student, a factory worker or sales assistant, retired or anything else, this course is designed to help us discover Jesus shaped fruitfulness on our frontlines. Over the course of 8 sessions we will be inspired and equipped to show and share Christ’s wisdom and love with the people we meet in the places we usually find ourselves – at the shops or the gym, at work or the school gate?

Brimming with real-life stories, biblical insight, and practical steps, these resources will spark your imagination and enrich your sense of wonder at the greatness and grace of the God who invites us to join his glorious work.

After an introductory first session the course uses a fresh, simple ‘6M’ framework as we explore – six expressions of fruitfulness:

1 – Modelling Godly Character
On our frontlines, godly character is both modelled and displayed.

2 – Making Good Work
There is dignity and value in the everyday tasks we do.

3 – Ministering Grace & Love
God has shown us grace and love, how might we minister to those around us?

4 – Moulding Culture
How can we influence the culture on our frontlines so people flourish more?

5 – Mouthpiece for Truth & Justice
Becoming champions of right living and fair dealing on our frontlines.

6 – Messenger of the Gospel
Growing in confidence in talking about Jesus with people on our frontlines

The course will then conclude with a final summary session as we reflect together on putting what we’ve learnt into practice.

Do get in touch with Nolan Robson to book a place on the Sunday evening course. Each session will start at 6:30pm in: The Rectory, 48 Oundle Road, Thrapston. Sunday evening session dates are as follows.

  1. 22nd September
  2. 29th September
  3. 6th October
  4. 13th October
  5. 20th October
    Break for half-term holiday
  6. 10th November
  7. 17th November
  8. 24th November

For session dates in homegroups ask your homegroup leaders.