The Merger of Thrapston and Islip Parishes

The Merger of Thrapston and Islip Parishes

As many of you will already know, we are planning to merge the ecclesiastical parishes of Thrapston and Islip and are in a period of public consultation about the proposal. Which means this is your opportunity to have your say, whether you are for or against the scheme. 

The merger would create a new parish of Thrapston and Islip, within which there would be two parish churches (St James and St Nicholas). Overseeing this new combined parish would be Churchwardens and a new Parochial Church Council with responsibility for the worshipping life and buildings of both St James and St Nicholas. In effect, we would merge the building management, financial, administrative and governance side of the parishes, whilst retaining both church buildings and the ability to have congregations gathering in each place.

To read the official proposal documents and have your say about whether you support or object to the merger, simply click the blue button. This will take you to the consultation page on the Church of England website. From that page you can read the full proposal by clicking the link to the Draft Scheme document and at the bottom of that page you can also complete a form to express your reasons for support or objection.

Alternatively, if you simply have a question about the proposal, which you would like clarified before you submit a response, then please speak to Nolan or e-mail him by clicking this orange button.

Please note that whether the merger goes through or not, Holy Trinity Denford will remain part of the benefice and retain its own separate PCC and governance.