Elizabeth Cox

Elizabeth Cox

Elizabeth is one of the churchwardens at St Nicholas, Islip.

She first came to the area after her father, a parish priest, retired to Thrapston. Elizabeth had been teaching in London but when her father’s health deteriorated she came to live with her parents. They attended St Nicholas Church which suited their preference for traditional Anglo-Catholicism and her father often took services there. As Elizabeth was never a fan of city life, when her father died she settled in Thrapston but still went to church in Islip, later becoming churchwarden.

Having been brought up in a rectory the Christian faith is all Elizabeth has known and has never really doubted. Her Christianity has proved a great support in times of challenge and serious illness. Even through periods of questioning, there has never seemed to be any possible alternative. The following quote sums it up quite well for her:

‘Living with you may not be comfortable, Lord, but the adventure, to say the least, is always interesting.’ . 

artist/writer Eddie Askew

Although Elizabeth was a primary schoolteacher for most of her working life she also worked as a building site secretary and her final job before retirement was administration for the NHS. She lives with her cat on the edge of Thrapston and enjoys going for walks, though health means these are shorter than they used to be. Occasionally she is joined on her walks by her cat who shares Elizabeth’s interest in birdwatching, though she suspects for different reasons!

Elizabeth is a member of the British Mule Society and for many years edited their Journal. She enjoys various forms of art and does embroidery from time to time. Knitting used to be a big hobby and she does occasionally still knit small toys or assemble knitted crib figures.

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